Working Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC/Android/Mac [Download]

3DS Emulator is the most popular Nintendo game emulator. So let you enjoy the latest Nintendo games on your Android, PC/Windows or Mac/iOS using 3DS Emulator. Here’s we will get working download links for Citra 3DS Emulator, and it’s free preloaded 3D games and flexibility of using the Nintendo 3DS Emulator across all platforms, so just download it on your device now!

We would like to inform you that latest version of 3DS Emulator is released recently after the beta test. The emulation went very smooth without any hanging or getting struck in the middle. So, after the successful emulation results, we released the software into the internet. This software is a freeware you don’t need to pay anything to download or use it. Download 3DS Emulator here.

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This is not an open source project which was built a year ago, but it took a lot of time for developing and testing the software. This software allows users to play Nintendo 3DS games on Computer/PC with the desired resolution. The software lets you adjust the resolution of the emulator according to your screen. After the arrival of our software, you can have the exactly equal feeling of playing the games in Nintendo even though you are playing it in your PC.

The only working 3DS Emulator for Windows and is the first public release of the application after the project started back in 2014 created by Team Citra and published by The emulator doesn’t need to be installed, just download the file and extract it then using file option in the emulator open the game that you want to play and adjust the screen resolution according to your PC and boom enjoy playing Nintendo 3DS games.

After opening the emulator, you can add whatever games you want to play and don’t forget to adjust the resolution. By adding the game into the emulator automatically configures everything for you. To run the software you need original BIOS files of Nintendo 3DS, due to copyright action we couldn’t add them. The software won’t run successfully if it won’t find original BIOS files.

Keep subscribed to our website for future updates. We are working on to increase the stability of the software so that it won’t hang in the middle!

System Requirements:

Citra is actively tested and supported on a various 64-bit version of Windows (7 and up), Linux and macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher. Other platforms may work but aren’t tested by developers. In far future, mobile platforms may be targeted as well. We have no plans to support 32-bit operating system officially.

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC

Here’s you can easy to download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator, the developers of Nintendo 3DS Emulator or you can download the 3DS Emulator from our provided working download links for free.

Working Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC/Android/Mac [Download]

  1. Here’s Click to download Latest version of Nintendo 3DS Emulator on your PC.
  2. Now Open the downloaded file and install the emulator on your PC.
  3. After that just open the emulator and you can now play all your favorite 3D games on your PC using this best 3DS Emulator without paying a cent.

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator Android APK

Well, People are waiting for Nintendo 3DS Emulator for android but it’s still under development, it has not been released yet. I would recommend you to keep visiting this page because we will provide the download links for 3DS Emulator for android as soon as it is released.

Download 3DS Emulator for Mac

  1. Here’s Download 3dsemulator-mac.tar.gz (13.1 MB)
  2. Next to Use installed Mac file unzip tool or easy to use and this app like Archive Utility to open the file.
  3. And Install the emulator and enjoy.

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