Download Patched Pokemon X & Y GBA Rom

Here’s you can Download the Patched Pokemon X & Y GBA Rom On Android

Pokemon X & Y GBA is a hack of Pokemon Capture RPG game. Do you want to enjoy the feelings of playing Pokemon X & Y on 3DS but Still it hasn’t on 3DS or your devices are not enough to use Citra? Do you want to wait for Citra to make the next breakthrough? With Pokemon x and y to the point for the GBA as you catch new Pokemon and battle the mighty team flare. And make the experience the new x and y like you never have before: classical style. you will have a free chance to play X & Y on GBA.


  • You can Catch all Kalos Pokemon.
  • Also add New tiles, new soundtracks.
  • Pokémon’s stats have been adjusted.
  • Enjoy new functions which never appeared before in a Pokemon hack.
  • Fairy type.
  • Mega Evolution cannot be lacked.
  • Updated Pokémon’s cries. They will be sounded more smooth

This is a Pokemon Emerald Hack!


Pokemon XY (Hack) GBA ROM Download

Below, I’ve provided download links to 3 hacks with the name “X and Y”. None of them are very good, but the best would be “Mega Emerald X & Y”.


(Mega Emerald X & Y)

Google Drive
Google Drive 2


(X & Y FireRed)

Google Drive
Google Drive 2


(X & Y Emerald)

Google Drive
Google Drive 2

Game Info

Game Title: Pokemon X Y
Platform: GameBoy Advance
Release Date: March 8, 2017
Genre: Hack, Monster Capture RPG
Publisher: Unknown
Region: Region Free
Languages: English



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